I am passionate about building software that works. I love leading teams to their full potential. I love mentoring developers. I love coding. I enjoy sharing my passion with other developers, testers, analysts and customers on my teams. Together we build great products and work environments that are appreciated by our customers.

Building Software and Teams

Building software is a difficult challenge. Creating the team to rise to the challenge is essential. There are many pressures influencing each software project including budgets, expectations, timelines, functionality and quality. Being successful means facing these challenges head on, making successes and problems transparent to all the stakeholders. Being successful means building a great team with lots of self discipline.

Agile techniques attempt to create highly effective teams by introducing high discipline and transparency to a project. You can read about my agile experiences on my projects page. Using agile techniques you can build an environment for a successful team, but it isn't always enough to create a high performance team.

High Performance Teams

What is it that makes a high performance team? I have been lucky enough to be on a few high performance teams. It is really exciting, fun, and you accomplish more than you ever thought possible. It takes a special mix of people, combined with a peculiar atmosphere to create a high performance team. Recreating high performance environments is what makes me tick.

You can read about my experiences with high performance teams, and attempts to create them, on my high performance team page.